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KAITAI Services
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Stamping Die Components / Set / Material / Fixture

Stamping Die Machining

Standard Accessories

Die Punch

Customized Components

We lower production costs, increase production yield and bring the greatest benefit for you


CNC Milling/Lathe Professional Machining

Automation Equipment Components/Machine Components

Die Component Machining

Forming/Center/Internal Grinding


Precision Stamping Set

Stamping Set / Mode Set Machining / Quick Die Change (Mode Base) / Quick Die Change (Plate) / Standard Heat-treated Plate

Punching Plate

Standard Plate/ Customized Plate / Plate Machining / Heat Treatment / Grinding / Wire EDM

Precision Guide Pin and Bush

Die use Guide Pin, Guide Bush, Ball Bushing and Related Accessories / Standard Inner Guide Pin, Bush / Precision Inner Guide Pin, Bush

Standard Plate of Heat Treated

SKD-11、SKH-51 Heat Treated Plate/ Module

Japan Spring (TOHATSU)

TOHATSU Strong Spring / Wire Spring

Peripheral Device

Air Feeder / Roller Feeder / Bottom Dead Center Detector / Double Sided-Oil Feeder

Stamping Die Standard Accessories

Socket Set Screws / Scrap Grip Pin / Die Gasket / Anaerobic Adhesive / Shoulder Screw / EQ-Height Sleeves / Dowel Pin

Standard Punch, Bushing

Type A, Type B Punch/Type MA, Type MB Bushing/ Customized /Type A, Type B Ejector Punch/Type A, Type B Burring Punch /GLS Guide Lifter Pin


Professional Customized Components


Machining Equipment

CNC:Milling Machine / Lathe Machine / Swiss-Type Lathe Machine / Lathe Milling Machine
Grinding Machine:Surface / Forming / Plano Surface Grinding
Grinding Machine(Punch):Center / Internal / Centerless

Inspection Equipment

Digital Profile Projector / 2D Digital Height Gauge / Perpendicularity Gauge / Granite Surface Plate / Concentricity Gauge
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We provide professional software and hardware services to meet customer requirement

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